Vince Poscente – New York Times Best Seller


“Brett has a rare talent for simplifying material for extraordinary impact.┬áReplicate what he knows and you will have the key to lasting change – for the better. Listen and learn from a true master of human potential.” Vince Poscente

“Push is a great book if you need motivation to transform yourself, and it is great if you are already a high achiever. Mr. Stalcup has a great outline to follow for success and it is easy to read. I could not put it down. A must read if you struggle with choices from your past that you are still holding onto or if you have trouble with boundaries, addictions, or trust. Just wake up and PUSH yourself!” Andrea O’Neal

“Facing the obstacles in life, you have a choice – give up or PUSH through and WIN! This book is a winner, full of passion, heart, and encouragement to get off the bench and PUSH into freedom! Think of where you are struggling and PUSH through it.” Pete Nicholson


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