The Speaker

In Brett’s years practicing law he has represented many cases involving addiction that has lead to legal issues. Many of his recovery defense cases involve juvenile and young adult offenders. These cases often leave families in stressful and hopeless circumstances, leading parents to the brink of divorce. Beyond Brett’s legal advice, he offers families counseling through his life experiences and wisdom. In 2004 he founded a life skills organization to reach people that were dealing with various life circumstances and addictions, providing an environment to begin the emotional healing process that leads to a positive attitude on life.

Brett committed time off from his law practice to speak and facilitate weekend workshops to impact individuals, couples, and families. Brett’s passion for giving back to his community is through his belief that everyone deserves freedom in their lives. Freedom from guilt, shame and fear from their past, and their current circumstances, so they can positively impact others and their communities. He connects with people from his heart and meets them where they are at, to help them get to the root of what is holding them captive and how to start taking steps toward healing and change.