Recovery Defense Strategy

Attorney Brett Stalcup provides his clients an aggressive defense in criminal matters. He is a respected presence in the Texas courts and provides each client facing criminal prosecution with personalized services.

Substance Related Arrests
Mr. Stalcup was one of the early pioneers of the “recovery defense”, a noncriminal disposition strategy. He has an in-depth understanding of the law and the specifics of the various accredited recovery programs. He also has an understanding of the human characteristics of substance abuse and addiction. He provides each client and the client’s family with recommendations for specific accredited treatment while he prepares a strong presentation that shows the program benefits to the court.

Each circumstance requires a personalized presentation to Texas drug courts in order to qualify for participation in a treatment program; which may be an alternative to incarceration. This defense strategy is effective in drug court at probation, revocation hearings, parole revocation hearings, and at sentencing hearings before judges or juries in both the state and federal courts.

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