Family Law

We believe in family.

Many of our clients are business people and/or high net worth individuals, who need experienced counsel to represent their private and sensitive family interest. Our staff is proficient at negotiating and drafting premarital and settlement agreements, as well as litigating contested issues at the trial and at the appellate levels.

Our attorneys are particularly adept at analyzing complicated financial situations, including complex valuation issues. We handle custody, visitation, and paternity issues with respect, consideration, and personal care.

We approach the practice of family law with the utmost objectivity and sensitivity to our client’s legal and emotional needs. Our staff listens to the personal and financial issues that are associated with marital separation and divorce.

We develop legal strategies that position our clients for the most advantageous outcome of a negotiated settlement or courtroom litigation including:

  • equitable distribution or marital property
  • alimony
  • child custody
  • child support

Our staff offers special care through sensitivity to our client’s privacy and emotions during the drafting, negotiating, and counseling for

  • pre-marital agreements
  • child adoption
  • guardianship and change of name issues

We offer assistance to our clients with probate and guardianship, drafting of wills, estate and guardianship administration, heirship proceedings, community property issues, common law spouse claims, and claims against an estate.

Contact us to discuss your family needs.