Criminal Defense

Attorney Brett Stalcup provides his clients an aggressive defense in all criminal matters. As a former Dallas county district attorney, he has experience in criminal prosecution. He is a respected presence in the Texas courts and provides his clients facing criminal prosecution with personalized services.

Criminal Charges
He vigorously defends the rights and freedom of his clients, and is prepared to defend all high-level white collar crime charges from antitrust violations to wire fraud.

Recovery Defense StrategySubstance Related Arrests
Mr. Stalcup was one of the early pioneers of the “recovery defense”, a noncriminal disposition strategy. He has an in-depth understanding of the law and the specifics of the various accredited recovery programs. A recovery defense strategy is an effective defense for:

  • DWI – driving while intoxicated
  • DUI – driving under the influence
  • MIP – minor in possession
  • MIC – minor in consumption
  • Substance possession & abuse charges

Each criminal defense client requires a well prepared defense; one that protects our clients rights and freedoms

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