17 Characteristics of Strong Minded People…Good advice for us all…

Refill Your Tank on January 8, 2015

You’re Invited!          

Refill Your Tank and Get Fired Up!
Thursday Speaking Event – January 8, 2015
at the White Rock Filter Building
Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Seats are limited – RSVP to reserve your seat.Are you feeling overwhelmed? lost? disconnected?
Do you need somebody to help pick you up, dust your pants off and throw you back in the game?
Join us as Brett Stalcup inspires and motivates us to take an honest look at ourselves and our lives. This is a chance to learn how to refill our tanks for the new year and become champions and life changers!

This talk is for you.  It’s an opportunity to network, meet new people and

Seating is limited – RSVP to reserve your seat.
Light refreshments will be served.

The Importance of KEEPING THE FAITH

Our beloved, family pet, Poppi, went missing approximately 36 hours ago. He is a feisty, long-haired black Chihuahua who permanently has a 1-foot long lanyard attached to his collar for the exact reason that he is on the loose. Poppi is a runner. Given the opportunity to escape the fenced in boundaries of our yard, Poppi will take off. Open the door, Poppi sneaks his way out. Take him out to do his business, he will inch his way under a protective, iron fence in our yard that we’ve been meaning to fix for a long, long time. Which is exactly what happened 36 long hours ago. Poppi got out. We have driven the neighborhood, posted signs, offered a $500 reward and then upped it to $1000. We have posted his description to Facebook, PetHarbor, called the vet, told our friends, printed and posted fliers, etc… It’s only been 1 ½ days yet it feels like years and we are all, without a doubt, heartbroken. “Don’t worry, girls” – I say – “Poppi will come home”. “Keep The Faith”, I remind everyone – “we won’t give up until we find him”. In my heart of hearts, I know that good things happen when you don’t let the devil win and I am doing everything I possibly can to say “SCAT” to forces beyond my control –. I know that I will lead my family through this and even if the outcome is not ideal, we will all make it through.  We are going to learn something from this.


I am going to be writing on the secrets of Get Fired UP! It is going to be a high energized formula of success that coincides with PUSH. Hopefully, I will be able to keep it simple enough for everyone to understand with passionate words such as NOW. When is it time for you to do something about changing directions? NOW. When do you pick the phone up and forgive the person who hurt you? NOW. When do you start exercising and moving your body to stay healthy? NOW. When are you going to be sick and tired of being sick and tired? NOW…Bottom line, people wait for the right time to make changes and sometimes it is too late. Do it NOW. We want people on our team that are free and fired up to make it happen.