Brett B. Stalcup

brett_black_and_whiteBrett Stalcup graduated cum laude from Texas Tech University with a degree in finance. He went on to graduate from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1984 and began his law career working for the legendary Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade.

In 1989, he went into private practice as a criminal defense lawyer. He was recognized as a leading criminal defense lawyer in 1990 after successfully litigating high profile cases such as the murder case against Dana McIntosh. He was one of the founding attorneys that developed the recovery defense strategy for drug and alcohol related offenses.

Many of his recovery defense cases involve juvenile and young adult offenders. These cases often involve parents who are stressed to the point of divorce. Brett offers his clients more than legal advice; he offers them counseling by sharing his life experience and wisdom. Over time, as wayward youth replace their self-destructive habits with success oriented life skills and families were reconciled, Brett defined a vision for a new organization. He founded Discovery Training, a life skills organization.

In 2008, he was recognized as a leading family law attorney and coach. During this time, he also practiced business law. He has successfully litigated complex business, condemnation, and oil & gas cases. In one condemnation case the client was awarded $1.65 million, two times the original Texas Department of Transportation offer.

Brett is a man of integrity and heart. He has his client’s best interest in mind and champions their case all of the way.