A relationship is simply a one-on-one human connection. At its very core it involves sharing of hearts and minds. A good one can transform your life, but a bad one can destroy it – if you allow it to. A relationship is directly proportional to the amount of energy each person exerts and it must be 50/50 to be a healthy relationship. It cannot be 49/51 – or there will be problems. It is possible to maintain a healthy relationship without yelling at one another. Relationships should be win/win and not win/lose. Eventually win/lose will lead to lose/lose results over a matter of time. Healthy relationships are born from win/win choices. You surround yourself with either givers or takers. Givers want to help you by creating win/win scenarios. Takers only want win/lose from you. They are known for “sucking the life out of you.” When you’re making any kind of decision in your life, don’t forget that it’s important to build relationships with people who will help you win.

Journal Prompt:
Reflect on who you are and be honest. Are you a giver or a taker? Evaluate your relationships. Who are the givers and takers?

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