Peer Pressure


We cannot condemn our kids for making bad choices if we haven’t prepared them to make good ones. Parents have to be one step ahead of the game in order to interrupt the plans of the enemy on their child’s heart. Guarding your own hear is not easy, and guarding your child’s heart is even harder. We need to teach our kids how to separate from those who continually disrespect their wishes, and to separate from those friends who continually make bad choices. Teach you kids that the enemy is not just someone who looks bad. The enemy can be a friend, and it can be yourself. Our own free will can get us into trouble. Parents ask me: “What’s the key to success in order to keep my kids out of the drug world?” First, I say there are no guarantees, but a good foundation of God, steady trust, and flow of conversation is important. Are you spending time with your kids? Kids live in the world of technology. Their communication skills are ZERO. They live in their head and express themselves via texts, email, and Facebook. They can organize a party of 150 from five different schools in 30 minutes, but we have to teach them to talk to us. This can be done with returning to the major successful historical tool known as the family dinner. Start simple… with Sunday dinner, and a NO SCREENS rule. No tv, no smartphones, put all the technology away. Even though kids say they don’t want to spend time with the family at dinner, they really do. They crave attention, but they just don’t know how to ask for it.

Journal Prompt: Normally we have something for you to journal about, but this week it’s an assignment. Sit with your family and create goals together. Personal goals, financial goals, school goals, and family goals. These can be things like exercising 3x’s a week, planning a yearly vacation, academic goals for your kids.

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