Keeping the Faith – Part 2

As many of you know by now, our much-adored, pet Chihuahua, Poppi, went missing last week.  Tonight marks the 5th day Poppi has been gone and still no sign of him.  Flyers have been handed out, neighbors have been contacted, we have posted reward signs – no questions asked – offering $1000 for his safe return. But still nothing.  No signs of Poppi.  Here is another blogger’s take on missing their family pet   I can totally relate to what their family is going through!


In an effort to exhaust all options and possibilities, we even visited Dallas Animal Services, otherwise known as THE POUND.  I had never personally been to the pound because if I had, I don’t know that I could have ever gone back – even to look for Poppi. Fortunately, there is also an online database that houses photos of all dogs that have come to Dallas Animal Services through their Lost and Found program which allows one to maybe avoid an in-person visit to the facility on Westmoreland but still see if their pet is there. I urge you to visit if you are missing a beloved pet as this is the least painful way to see all the animals.


Thankfully, the Dallas Animal Services facility itself is actually nice. It is kept clean and the dogs seemed well-cared for.  The people working in the back seemed very kind and some were truly interested in reuniting pets with their owners.  In KEEPING THE FAITH, I searched aisle after aisle, dog after dog, looking for Poppi. So many of the dogs there are obviously strays and a lot of them appeared to be Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes – sadly, I am not sure what their fate will be.  But, there are quite a few dogs at the pound that are so OBVIOUSLY people’s pets that one can only imagine how they ended up there. I pray they will make their way home.  One gorgeous dog, in particular, remains imprinted in my mind. It was a beautiful, snow white, Great Pyrenees, who was so desperate to leave with me, that I would have taken him if I could.  But, there are rules at the pound and while I’m not totally sure what they are, I know I couldn’t take a caged dog at that time. My friend that went with me said some dogs actually make it over to the adoption side if they go unclaimed.  I seriously hope the Great Pyrenees will make it to the adoption side if its owners don’t come but I really, really hope his owners come. As a reminder to the Great Pyrenees owner and all missing pet owners out there…Keep the faith – never end the search! Your pet might be out there and if not, there are so many other lost pets who need you.  Visit to search for your missing pet.

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