Winners and champions are dreamers. How many people in today’s society have lost their dreams? Answer: A BUNCH! After you have freed your heart from the past, it is possible for you to enter the dreaming and vision phase of your life plan. Dreaming does not necessarily have to be about having things, it can be about your children’s wedding or a vacation. Winners and champions have VISION. They have the ability to stop and envision the future. It is exciting to be around entrepreneurs who have the ability to envision. It is no surprise that our world relies on entrepreneurs to create jobs when the government cannot. This group of people are fearless. They take risks. They are visionaries. Here’s an example of one of my visions and how it affected my life.

After a bit of soul searching and thinking about what I was passionate about, I discovered what I call “searching for the miracle” in every case that came in my office. I wanted to be part of my clients obtaining freedom rather than being a part of getting them off of criminal charges. Searching for a miracle was especially helpful if my clients were suffering from alcohol, drug, or sex addiction. This is the recovery defense. Once you’ve witnessed the victory via the recovery defense, it is one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever feel. The client is free and healthy and reaps the benefit of his hard work by winning. Winners don’t beat the system. Winners become leaders who give back and make the system better. The recovery defense is an out-of-the-box art form that presents various options to the client, judge, juries, and court system.

Journal Prompt:
What are your dreams? Have you lost your dreams along the way? If so, why? List the things you would like to do. List the places you would like to see. What would you like to look like? What are your emotional dreams? Spiritual dreams? Material dreams?

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