I am going to be writing on the secrets of Get Fired UP! It is going to be a high energized formula of success that coincides with PUSH. Hopefully, I will be able to keep it simple enough for everyone to understand with passionate words such as NOW. When is it time for you to do something about changing directions? NOW. When do you pick the phone up and forgive the person who hurt you? NOW. When do you start exercising and moving your body to stay healthy? NOW. When are you going to be sick and tired of being sick and tired? NOW…Bottom line, people wait for the right time to make changes and sometimes it is too late. Do it NOW. We want people on our team that are free and fired up to make it happen.


TRUSTWhen someone has been the victim of something that had value in their lives, it is not uncommon to develop an inability to trust. If you were betrayed, abused, or deceived, chances are you lost trust in whoever did that to you. Trust is usually the first trait to go once a person is victimized. A victim will quit trusting themselves as well as others. A lack of trust can impact relationships and create conflict. If you are totally honest with yourself, you trust very few people in your life. These are your inner sanctum of people, your first layer of friends. You can always depend on them for honest feedback and they are the ones that have your back when you go into battle. Then you have a second layer of people you trust, but you don’t let them in all the way. The third layer are the people you have to be around even if you don’t trust them. The key is identifying who belongs where.


Journal Prompt:
Identify who are in your first, second, and third layer. Write about why each of them are in the layer they are.


stop_start2You cannot wake up every morning and Push! if you are confused and unfocused. You must remain focused on your goal, your family, your dream, your success. Everything starts with our belief systems. If you have a limited belief system, you will live a limited life – STOP. START believing in yourself, then you will have a fulfilling life. Winners are givers and difference makers. They are high-energy achievers who want more in their lives. Align yourself with winners. These will be people outside your comfort zone and they will stretch you immensely. It STARTS with self-awareness. Winners know the choice of being a winner starts with them. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. It is a basic principal of life and it is the truth. Life is about choices. Successful people are timely, and respect others’ time. They are responsible and committed to finishing the task at hand. Think about the friends you know that are committed to God first, family second, and their job third. Chances are you like them, because they are givers, not takers, and they are winners in life, love, and family.


Journal Prompt:

How can I lay the drama down and lead a responsible life plan? If you’re facing adversity, ask yourself where is this taking me? Am I overcoming or being defeated? What behaviors do you need to STOP and what behaviors should you START? Write what you imagine your life would be life if you STOP the negative destructive behaviors and STARTED doing the positive healthier ones.


forgivenessAnger is the poison that kills you while it is directed at someone else. Many times in my career I’ve seen how the seed of not being able to forgive destroys lives. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean what happened or what a person said or did was okay, it’s not your approval of it. Forgiveness is letting go. Forgiveness removes the power something or someone has over you, essentially eliminating it from your mental and psychological life. Forgiveness is the pathway to freedom in your heart.


Journal Prompt:

Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to forgive them for?


victim_roleThere is a time in a person’s life when they have a negative defining moment. A loss or trauma that turns your world upside down. You wake up the next day, you feel differently, act differently, look differently, and living life becomes a challenge. What’s left behind is a hole in your heart that you try to fill because you cannot handle the pain. Your choices change in order to fill the hole. The circumstance has made you a victim. However, if you get stuck in victim mode it is hard to be successful at anything. Sooner or later you have to be accountable for your life, your choices, including the emotions you are feeling. Life is a challenge in which people have to learn to rise up and continually grow, give, love and serve. It’s about making you a stronger person until you have reached the potential or destiny that God has for your life. You cannot do that if you are stuck in limiting or destructive beliefs of a victim.


Journal Prompt:

What was the defining moment when your world turned upside down? What did you do? How did you feel? What do you believe about yourself because of it?